Behind the scenes…

Fundamentally, the Yonder vision is to see people, brands and established businesses thrive through experiencing creative, beautifully styled and memorable events.

In our fast paced and rapidly evolving world, there is a pressure for discovery, innovation and ideas worthy of being remembered. Our belief is that these all begin with exposure to creativity, inspiring environments and connection with others.

Yonder is quite simply, a response to an innate desire for fresh inspiration and creativity. Our journey began in 2015 with beautifully styled pop-up events that brought individuals together to share food around one long table, celebrate independent brands and collaborate with others. In the process, we recognised that connection with people is a powerful tool that leads to innovation, creativity and above all, the foundations of influential ideas.

We work with you to turns ideas into reality and through our inspired events, encourage new ways of thinking, opportunities to build honest relationships, inspiring environments and experience something a little different!

Emma & Becky